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About Us

Forever Green Montessori's philosophy is based on Dr Maria Montessori discovery of “sensitive periods” in the development of human beings and the understanding of human tendencies in establishing prepared environments for mixed age ranges of children corresponding to their interests, in an atmosphere of peace in which freedom is balanced with responsibility. MISSION STATEMENT: “Help me to do it myself” The constant driving force is the need for independence, interdependence and sustainability in all areas of development: physical, social and spiritual.


VISION: Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships are established Partnerships are formed with families to support the children High expectations and equity is essential for all children Respect for diversity is evident Ongoing learning and reflection is practised by Educators Holistic approach: encompasses all areas of development Responsive to the interest of children Learning through play – Montessori thought play was so important for children she called play “the work of the child” Intentional teaching – lessons are evaluated in a cycle of planning & assessment The learning environment has been created with great care to support the child's independence and natural urge toward self-development. This is achieved in three ways: beauty, order and accessibility. All cultures are respected and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presence is acknowledged.


VALUES: Children have a strong sense of identity: independence and self discipline Children are connected with and contribute to their world: interdependence and sustainability Children have a strong sense of wellbeing: attachment to reality Children are confident and involved learners: development of concentration Children are effective communicators: includes all forms of creativity to provide pathways in communication.



Operating Hours:


Monday to Friday


8am to 5.30pm

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